If you would like to purchase an items from me, there are 3 ways that you can do so:

My Etsy Shop

This is the ONLY way that you can buy from me online. Most of my significant items are listed there and are for sale online. I only list a few of the smaller items (key rings, small desk clocks, etc.), but hopefully enough for you to find something that you like.

At a Fair

This is the best way to buy, as you can “touch and feel”, which is all part of the beauty of wood. You will also be able to see those items not listed on my Etsy shop – many more small items, plus maybe larger items that cannot be displayed properly in a digital marketplace. A list of fairs can be found on my “Fairs” page.

Come and see me

If you live locally (I am in Knebworth) then you can always contact me and arrange for a private viewing. My stock is usually boxed up, so advance notice is needed and some idea of what you are looking for so that I don’t have to get everything out! Contact me via the form here.