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By Email:  This is the easiest way to contact me in the first instance.  Please use the form below.  Sorry, I don’t like such forms either, but they do hide my email address from robots and cut down spam.

At Home:  I work from home and whether you want to look through my stock or discuss requirements for a commission, I am happy for you to come to me.  I live in North Hertfordshire but for security reasons do not publish my address on the website.  If you want to come to me, them please email me using the form below and we can arrange a mutually convenient time.

At a Fair: You may prefer to catch up with me at a craft fair or similar event.  You will be able to see most of my stock and you will generally have the opportunity to see me demonstrating.  See my list of fairs for this year here.

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If your enquiry is about replacement cheese wires, then read the information on my Aftercare page

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