Yes, I do give lessons, but with Covid-19 I am severely restricted and I am only teaching those that already have a voucher to redeem. Otherwise, I am not currently selling vouchers or booking lessons. 

If you already have a voucher and wish to redeem it, then I will teach subject to the specific notes shown in the shaded box below.

It is not possible for me to teach woodturning without coming into close contact with the pupil.  There will, for instance, be times when we touch the same tool because I need to demonstrate how to hold it and it may even be that I need to demonstrate or assist by laying my hand on yours.  However, risks can be mitigated and the following guidance and rules are designed to do so.

In these notes, the following definitions apply:

  • I / Me / Myself:   Richard Hatton, Teacher
  • You / Your / Pupil:   The person being taught, whether for payment or not.
  • Sanitiser:   Quick dry gel, min 70% alcohol, which I will supply
  • Masks:   Min FFP2 masks, which I will supply.

Each pupil will be asked to sign a copy of these notes prior to the lesson and be expected to adhere to them. Failure to do so will result in the lesson being terminated.

  1. Do not come if you or anyone that you have been in close-contact with have been told to self-isolate.
  2. Do not come if you are feeling in any way unwell.
  3. Masks are to be worn by both myself and the pupil for the full period of the lesson (which unfortunately means I will be unable to supply tea/coffee). You may wish to bring your own bottle of water, but you will need to take a short break outside to drink it.
  4. Gloves must not be worn. Even smooth nitrile or latex gloves may snag on the revolving wood and trap your hand between the wood and the toolrest.
  5. Both of us will sanitise hands before and after the lesson, and at any times during the lesson that feels appropriate (I will provide the sanitiser).
  6. I am unable to sanitise the tools and equipment but will ensure that they are not used for 3 days prior to the lesson.
  7. Doors will be open at both ends of the workshop to ensure that there is a good circulation of air. This may mean that the workshop is cool or cold, so please come prepared.


  1. The above procedures and precautions are intended to prevent the transmission of Covid‑19, but this cannot be guaranteed and attendance is at your own risk.
  2. Since I have been unable to attend any fairs, and none are scheduled for the foreseeable future, I no longer carry trade insurance. Any teaching would therefore be at your risk.

And Finally:

If you are not satisfied with the above procedures, precautions, and risks, then I am happy to extend any voucher expiry dates or to offer a full refund.

Other things that you need to know

Written Pre-Covid and superseded by any conditions noted above in red
  • My workshop has limited space and all lessons are therefore one-to-one.  If you want to bring a friend you are welcome, but if you both want to have a go, then only one person can be on the lathe at a time.
  • I do not teach a set syllabus or course, but tailor each lesson specifically to the pupil and what you make during the lesson(s) will depend largely on your own preferences.   It would also depend on why you are having the lesson(s).  If you are a beginner then please note that any first projects will be quite basic.
  • I prefer to give lessons during normal working hours, but can make exceptions if necessary.  I do have a life beyond woodturning, so evenings and Saturdays (I do not teach on Sundays) tend to taken up with other things and you will need to book these further in advance than normal weekdays.
  • All lessons are charged at a rate of £25 per hour (£30 per hour from 1st April 2019).  Timber is included, but any craft parts may be charged for.
  • Most pupils come to me (Knebworth) and use my lathe and tools.  If you have your own turning tools, then please bring them.  Even if you don’t use them, we can make sure that you know how to sharpen them correctly.  Coffee or tea is always available and if you are coming for a half day or longer then I’ll also provide a light lunch.
  • If you have your own lathe and tools, then I am also happy to come to you.  If you are reasonably local, then I do not charge for travelling time or fuel.
  • If you come to me, then there is no minimum time/charge.  If you only want a single hour, then that’s all you need to book.  If you want to book 4 hours or more, you may wish to consider splitting in into a couple of shorter sessions.
  • If I come to you, then there is normally a minimum time/charge which would vary depending upon location.  Please contact me for details.
  • There is no minimum age limit but you will be using moving machinery and sharp tools.  Children would therefore need to have a mature and responsible attitude.
  • Please come dressed appropriately:
    • Do not come in your best clothes – you will get covered in shavings and dust.
    • Wear something with a high neckline to avoid shavings going down inside your clothes.
    • Cuffs should be tight fitting or elasticated.
    • The outer layer of clothing should be smooth woven. Fleeces, knitwear and similar materials are NOT suitable as shavings will be very difficult to remove.
    • I have a heater in my workshop but it is not very efficient, so add an extra layer of two in winter!
  • I will provide safety goggles and dust mask.
  • I carry insurance for teaching and am DBS cleared.

Booking – N/A for the time being

To book, simply drop me an email through my contact form and I will get back to you.  If you actually want to arrange a date, then it’s probably easiest to include a phone number.

Gift Vouchers – N/A for the time being

If you would like to give someone a present with a difference, then why not get them some wooodturning lessons. I will always make sure that my pupils go away with something that they have made, even if they only come for an hour.  However, there is not a great deal that can be done in just one hour and I would probably suggest at least 2 hours as a starter.  To buy a voucher, simply:

  • Contact me through my contact form and let me know how many hours you want to buy.
  • I’ll then send you an electronic invoice which you can pay by PayPal or any debit/credit card.
  • I will then email you the voucher which you can print off (or I’ll post a copy if you prefer).
  • They can then call or email me to arrange a date for their lessons.