Table Ready!

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Cutlery, not turkeys! I’ve just uploaded my cutlery to my Etsy Shop – Cheese knives, Butter knives, and Pie/Cake slices. I’ve also uploaded some bottle stoppers in case you need refreshment whilst preparing the Christmas Dinner!

And just a reminder that I am having an “At Home” market stall (My only craft fair of 2020) this weekend (5th/6th Dec). If you want to come and don’t know where I live, please email me (I don’t want to put my address on a public website).

If you’ve not checked the shop out yet, then please do – and share it with your friends.

Getting There

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My Etsy Shop is now beginning to take shape, with about half my stock now uploaded.  I’ve just added details of lots of pens (fountain, rollerball & ballpoint) if anyone still needs ideas for Christmas present – or to write all those cards…

Next to be uploaded will be bottle stoppers, but does that mean I need to open one first? That would be a shame!!

If you’ve not checked the shop out yet, then please do – and share it with your friends.

Find me on Etsy

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With no craft fairs this year, I need to find alternative ways to sell my stock and have now opened my Etsy Shop. It’s been a tedious job, and it’s not finished yet, because every single item has to be photographed individually – unlike my gallery pages which are just examples of what I make, many of which were sold long ago. But it’s probably not a bad thing as will force me to update my gallery in the next few weeks – something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Something to do, if we can’t all meet up for Christmas! And it’ll allow the dogs to come in from the cold!

For those of you that would like to visit, my Etsy Shop click the button below. And if you like what you see, then please share it with your friends – it’s the only marketplace available to me this year!

Where’s the Party?

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I had managed to book a Christmas Craft Fair for later this month. It would have been the first, and probably the last, this year. Having booked it, I finally felt motivated to produce some more goodies but of course, now that they are finished, the craft fair has been cancelled. It feels a bit like being all dressed up with nowhere to go!

So, no craft fairs at all for 2020. Hopefully 2021 will be better, although what format they will take is anybody’s guess. Watch this space!

A Day at the Races

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Well, sort of! This is my first visit to Royal Windsor Racecourse but, if today is anything to go by, then probably not my last. The marque is good, solid and heated, and forms an extension to some of the grandstand buildings so no mud, which makes unloading and setup so much easier. Knebworth last weekend was rather messy! It is also a fairly quick run for me round the M25 – at least at the time that I travel.

I didn’t see any horses, though (except some small wooden ones on a toy stall). Perhaps better luck tomorrow!

Too Early?

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Well, here I am again at Knebworth House for the first of this season’s “branded” Christmas fairs. It may be cold and frosty outside but it is still only just November and it all seems a bit early. Anyway, I’m doing my bit to try and get in the mood – I’ve ditched my purple table coverings for a festive red!

I’ve also done a little bit to counter the commercialism. It may mean something to some and bring a smile to others. Hopefully it will also provoke a few deeper thoughts.

Still Standing

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Despite the 40 – 50 mph gusts, all the marquees are still standing here at Knebworth House for the annual Steam and Country Fair. See you later?

And if you can’t face the gales, the forecast is better for tomorrow!

Family Day Out

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It was a family day out today at the Herts Show, as my wife, son, daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter all turned up to see me. Quite right, too – even
he judges seemed to like my stall!

However, whilst I’m sure they were pleased to see me, I think the animals, other stalls and entertainment played a large part in their presence. My granddaughter (2) was particularly keen to tell me about the tractors and cows and horses and sheep and bees and….

So we all had a good day out at the Herts Show today. what are you doing tomorrow?

The East Beckons

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Just about finished setting up this afternoon ready for the East Anglian Game & Country Fair, which starts tomorrow (follow the link for details).

Sometimes the setup goes smoothly, other times it simply fights! I had only this week finished a large clock from a piece of beautifully figured Ash, which was going to form a centrepiece on the back wall of my stand, but whilst I turned to get a pair of pliers to adjust the hook I was going to use, the table on which I placed it decided to take life easy and lay down on the floor – rather abruptly! The clock ended up with a dent in the edge of the rim and a box of pepper mills (which also crashed to the floor) shattered as it met with the lathe. Although some of the mills were thrown out, they thankfully survived. I brought the clock (below) home and re-turned the edge, so it is now a few millimetres smaller – but nobody knows what size it was supposed to be anyway!

So the clock is ready to return to the show in the morning, along with the box for the pepper mills – complete with a good few lengths of gaffer tape. An early start awaits, as I still have quite a bit of tidying of the stall to do – don’t look too closely at the photo!

If you want to see it the clock (or me!) – I’ll be there 8.00 – 6.00 tomorrow and Sunday.

Three vases

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Three vases

Just finished these three beauties today – two are Laburnum and the other is Yew.

The Yew has been down the bottom of my garden for some years, so it was about time I did something with it. the Laburnum, however, only came down in a storm a few months ago, so these were rough turned and hollowed whilst green to speed up the drying process.

Both of these timbers are a pleasure to work with, and few other timbers can match the spectacular colour difference between the pale sapwood and the darker heartwood. The shape of these vases was chosen to show off this characteristic to the maximum effect and I think it worked!

There are a few small cracks in each, but that is the nature of wood. Had I left them to season naturally, then I may have reduced the cracking but that’s not guaranteed – nothing is with wood! The yew, after all, had been seasoning naturally for 10 years or more and also has a good number of cracks.

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