All alone…

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I’ve had company in the workshop lately, but all is now quiet.  Nestled up in the rafters, among some old coiled up cables, has been a clutch of newly hatched wrens.  The parents have been back and forth busily all day every day bringing in tiny morsels, to the accompaniment of much squawking each time food arrives.  But all is now quiet – they have fledged.  We still see the (parent?) wrens around, but busy as they were.  This has been the second year that they have nested in this spot – at lease, we assume it is the same adults.  For next year (if I remember)’ I’ll perhaps move the piece of foam (in to the top of the picture) up marginally and rig up a camera trap to capture some of the activity.

It all seems quite strange – I got used to the regular noises as they were being fed and to ducking my head as I went in and out so as to avoid their ‘air-space’.  It all feels rather lonely now!