Chainsaw Day

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chainsaw day1chainsaw day2Well, days really – I’ve spent the last couple of weeks processing some of the timber that I had stockpiled under the car port for the last year or so, plus more that has been down the bottom of the garden for probably 5 – 10 years.  Sadly, much of the older timber that I stored down the garden had been attacked by insects and a large proportion ended up as firewood.  If only we had a wood-burner – never mind, it’s good to bless one’s friends!

Much of what I’ve processed will be laid up to dry for a bit longer, but some is ready now – especially the smaller pieces.  It’s always good to find some “gold” in what looked fairly plain.  The Hornbeam in the picture on the right has spalted very nicely and will make some lovely natural edged bowls.  They might even be ready for my first fair, which will be at RHS Wisley for 5 days over the first May Bank Holiday.

There is, of course, always a down-side.  By the time I had finished I had acquired 12 large bags of wood shavings.  Unfortunately, they’re no good for animal bedding as they contain a lot of dust.  They also contain Walnut (toxic to horses) and Yew (toxic to just about everything, including you and me).  The other down-side is my back – time for a hot bath!

chainsaw day3