Making progress

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Finally feel I’m making some progress in respect of getting ready for my first fair of 2017.  After the busyness of the Christmas markets, my first fair seemed very remote and I probably dragged my heels a bit in terms of time at the lathe.  Two trips up north to see our new granddaughter probably didn’t help – but I wouldn’t have missed those for anything. Then I suddenly realised how close it really was and have been panicking over recent weeks, burying myself deep in shavings. But I’m now beginning to see the wood for the trees, if you’ll pardon the pun.  Still can’t afford to slow down much, but there is an end in sight, with the fair less than two weeks away,

Anyway, some nice bowls and more salt and pepper mills to add to my stock – they just need wrapping in bubble wrap and boxing up ready to go.  If you want to see these and more in the flesh, as it were, then come to RHS Wisley.  The fair runs from 27th April until 1st May. More details on my fairs page.