Frosty Start

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Well, here we are – my first day at the Hatfield House Christmas Frost Fair.  I’ve not done this event before, so I have no idea what to expect.  Markets are very strange things.  Some may be busy but just be the wrong market for me and I struggle to cover my costs.  Others may be quiet with other traders complaining, and I do really well.  You never can tell in advance and even the same fair may be totally different from one year to another.  I could have a quiet 4 days building up a bit more stock for St.Albans, or I may be run off my feet and go to St.Albans empty-handed.  Either way, I have my glamorous assistant with me today so that I can keep turning.  It’ll be a different glamorous assistant tomorrow, a third on Saturday and yet another on Sunday.  Aren’t I blessed!