Final touches

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Just added a few finishing touches to the stall to make it a bit more festive.  I picked up some greenery on the way in yesterday (off-cuts from Christmas trees) and fixed these under the canopy.  I also had a Christmas message inside the stall which was a bit lost, so I’ve now moved that outside where it can be better seen.

I’m hearing a lot of comments from ‘regular’ visitors, about the market being better this year.  Although it is slightly smaller, there is a much better atmosphere and less stalls with, for want of a better description, cheap imported tat.  If you like what you see, and I certainly think they have it just about right this year, then please say so by writing to the Herts Advertiser, as the market has had very mixed publicity over the last few years.  It will help ensure the continuation of the market and will encourage those who put so much effort into the running of it.