New Life

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This piece of Monkey Puzzle has been stacked under my carport for about 6 months, waiting for me to find the time to do something with it.  With the dry and hot summer that we have had, the timber has obviously started to dry out but last week, for no apparent reason, it started so sprout!  I don’t know whether it could sense a change in humidity after the recent rains, but all the large lengths had started to do the same.  I did check, but it wasn’t sending roots down through the tarmac!

These sprouts won’t last long as there is no goodness feeding the log – they would simply grow until the reserves in the log are all used up and then wither.  But it is an outward sign of hope for new life.  Imagine, then,  the possibility for new life when the reserves are unlimited by turning to our Lord and depending on His living water.