The East Beckons

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Just about finished setting up this afternoon ready for the East Anglian Game & Country Fair, which starts tomorrow (follow the link for details).

Sometimes the setup goes smoothly, other times it simply fights! I had only this week finished a large clock from a piece of beautifully figured Ash, which was going to form a centrepiece on the back wall of my stand, but whilst I turned to get a pair of pliers to adjust the hook I was going to use, the table on which I placed it decided to take life easy and lay down on the floor – rather abruptly! The clock ended up with a dent in the edge of the rim and a box of pepper mills (which also crashed to the floor) shattered as it met with the lathe. Although some of the mills were thrown out, they thankfully survived. I brought the clock (below) home and re-turned the edge, so it is now a few millimetres smaller – but nobody knows what size it was supposed to be anyway!

So the clock is ready to return to the show in the morning, along with the box for the pepper mills – complete with a good few lengths of gaffer tape. An early start awaits, as I still have quite a bit of tidying of the stall to do – don’t look too closely at the photo!

If you want to see it the clock (or me!) – I’ll be there 8.00 – 6.00 tomorrow and Sunday.