Almost there

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almost-there.jpgThose salt and pepper mills are gradually beginning to take shape. All that’s left now is the tops (plus a week or two of oiling and fitting the mechanisms). Hopefully will get the tops largely finished tomorrow then I can think about what next! First show (Herts Show) is only a month away and most of my boxes are still empty!!!

Stocking up again…

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Tested the car suspension again today, this time with a car load of Yew, courtesy of Avalon Trees.  Many thanks, Steve.  At least most of it is Yew, but there are a few pieces of Eucalyptus.  Should make a good few bowls and clocks, and perhaps the odd large vase.  However, it’s all to green for the moment.  They do say that patience is a virtue!

Stocking up…

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Not the usual car load of shopping! Just back from a trip to collect some kiln dried timber for my next batch(es) of salt and pepper mills.  It certainly tested out the car’s suspension, not to mention my back muscles.  Now just need to get it unloaded before I go and do some more ‘regular’ shopping at Tesco!

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